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Garmin: The quiet run to the top of the world

In 1989, two engineers wanted to make GPS technology accessible to private individuals and founded Garmin. It started with navigation systems for cars. Today, Garmin is a fitness and outdoor brand with a turnover of five billion US dollars and, incidentally, one of the five largest watch manufacturers in the world. The twist is that customers and employees are very close to each other in a silent way. They share a passion for the same things.

Employees around the world feel free to care only about the passions of their clients, and only about them indeed. Which leads to the leadership principle. It is called "servant leadership". Leaders should create space for employees to organise themselves and develop personally. Even more, employees should feel explicitly comfortable. There are no justifications, few obligatory meetings and hardly any reports, in short: hardly any control.

Kai Tutschke, Managing Director of Garmin DACH, with whom this Mindcase was created, says: "Everything is based on trust." If you want to talk to him about Garmin, the best way is to contact him via Linkedin.

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