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The Rocketmind Blog on Language and Strategy

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Rocketmind is a strategy communication consultancy. We focus on the core elements of communication such as core narratives, argumentations and presentations. Also we are happy to act as a sparring partner and feedback provider for our clients.

Clients can call on me, Claas Sandrock, as the founder and an individual consultant, or on a team that I put together. All my colleagues as well have previously held relevant positions at well-known companies such as Google, IBM, Roche and Deutsche Telekom. Rocketmind is made for the initial setting of new courses, we prefer to work in time-limited projects and deliver ourselves.

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Good communication closes the gap between plan and action. Be it in a product project, positioning, transformation or transaction.


Communication work for strategies is work on a change of perspective. In the beginning there is the plan. Everything very rational. Lots of figures, lots of reasons to convince management boards, supervisory boards and investors.

Then there is the language, the requirements and the emotions of the other stakeholders. Managers, employees, customers, business partners, NGOs. And increasingly, attention is shifting to these recipients of communication.

Because they are supposed to endorse the strategy or act on its behalf.
The Core Narrative: What you get
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The Core Narrative contains the core of the entire story and communication. It consists of modules that are developed in a stringent process with the clients. The result with all facts, contents and statements is reduced to one or two pages, plus further information on arguments, contact persons, data etc.
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Success is based on personal trust through competence and sympathy. To achieve this, the strategy story must become one's own in terms of language and presentation style. For this purpose, texts and presentations are worked on in sparring sessions until the person and the cause have become one in a credible way. Because a project is only ever bought into if it comprises the person who represents it in a convincing way.
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Texts for key messages or presentations are a basis of argumentation and communication. But not only the words count, visual language is just as important. It speaks to our emotions through illustrations, images and videos and anchors communication in our memory. Good strategic communication is therefore based on both text and visual language.
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Effective communication follows a precise plan with its own strategy, designation of time and resources and creative measures - plus professional project management.  We are happy to develop the right plan for strategy communication for, and together with, our clients.


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